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Jeśli udzielasz się w jakiś sposób w społeczności KDE (przez propagowanie lub tworzenie), możesz wstawić swój blog na niniejszej Planecie KDE PL. Blog powinien zawierać treści związane z KDE, być pisany w języku polskim i zgodny z poniższymi Wytycznymi Planety KDE PL oraz zasadami netykiety.

Aby dodać swój blog, prześlij na adres administratora ( następujące informacje:

  • imię i nazwisko
  • (opcjonalnie) pseudonim, może być z IRC
  • adres bloga (RSS lub Atom)
  • tzw. hackergotchi: swoje zdjęcie lub inny symbol graficzny w formacie PNG i w rozmiarze co najwyżej 80x80 pikseli, z przezroczystym tłem.

If you want to add a Twitter microblog to the Microblogging sidebar add define_microblog true and follow your name with [twitter]. Currently only Twitter is known to work, please contact Jonathan Riddell before adding non-Twitter microblogs to check it works.

Wytyczne Planety KDE PL

Planet KDE Poland is one of the public faces of the KDE project and is read by millions of users and potential contributors. The content aggregated at Planet KDE Planet is the opinions of its authors, but the sum of that content gives an impression of the project. Please keep in mind the following guidelines for your blog content and read the KDE Code of Conduct. The KDE project reserves the right to remove an inappropriate blog from the Planet. If that happens multiple times, the Community Working Group can be asked to consider what needs to happen to get your blog aggregated again.

If you are unsure or have queries about what is appropriate contact the KDE Community Working Group.

Blogs should be KDE Poland themed

The majority of content in your blog should be about KDE Poland and your work on KDE Poland, such as Akonadi and Nepomuk. Blog posts about personal subjects are also encouraged since Planet KDE Poland is a chance to learn more about the developers behind KDE Poland. However blog feeds should not be entirely personal, if in doubt set up a tag for Planet KDE Poland and subscribe the feed from that tag so you can control what gets posted.

Posts should be constructive

Posts can be positive and promote KDE Poland, they can be constructive and lay out issues which need to be addressed, but blog feeds should not contain useless, destructive and negative material. Constructive criticism is welcome and the occasional rant is understandable, but a feed where every post is critical and negative is unsuitable. This helps to keep KDE overall a happy project.

You must be a KDE Poland contributor

Only have your blog on Planet KDE Poland if you actively contribute to KDE Poland, for example through code, user support, documentation etc.

It must be a personal blog

Planet KDE Poland is a collection of blogs from KDE contributors. It is not indended for project news feeds.

Do not inflame

KDE covers a wide variety of people and cultures. Profanities, prejudice, lewd comments and content likely to offend are to be avoided. Do not make personal attacks or attacks against other projects on your blog.

For further guidance on good practice see the KDE Code of Conduct.

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